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Patels Airflow Ltd.
Product Range
Quality, Commitment & Client Friendly
Stainless Steel Cold Finished Seamless Straight Tubes/Pipes
Carbon Steel Cold Finished Seamless Straight Tubes / Pipes
Alloy Steel Cold Finished Seamless Straight Tubes / Pipes
Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel Cold Finished Seamless 'U' Tubes / Pipes
Our company PATELS AIRFLOW LTD. is managed by a team of enthusiastic, ambitious young entrepreneurs. . The company is a team, not a simple collection of individuals. The success of the team takes precedence over the success of the individual. The company requires individuals, regardless of role, to interact with one another co-operatively and objectively in consideration of team goals. Teamwork is emphasized and valued.

Our philosophy maintains that we understand and believe that every completed assignment must serve the client's needs, be efficient in concept and be value oriented. Our staff approaches each assignment in a professional and business-like manner, while maintaining a personal commitment to the client and their objectives. Attention is given throughout the assignment for effective communication and rapport to insure that our work is based on an accurate understanding of the client's objectives